et AC Power

Die kleinste 3 Phasen 115V 400 Hz Versorgung

et AC Power

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With our modular
we configure the complete test environment for your devices/circuit boards


Small, but powerful! Despite its small dimensions of 105 mm x 55 mm x 230 mm and its low weight of about 1,1 kg it´s with its power of 300 W powerful enough to operate large devices in stand-by. The et-AC Power can either be supplied from the 28 V on board supply system or via a power supply directly from the socket.

Test adapter

We will make the appropriate test adapter for your printed circuit boards


Supplementary modules for testing and debugging of embedded software for all available evaluation boards. RS232 RS485 CAN ANALOG / DIGITAL / IN DIGITAL / OUT…

LED displays

We produce (nearly) each LED display you want – for use in climatically harsh environment with our LED modules

Wer wir sind

Christian Lagemann

Decades of experience in electronic development
Specialty BLDC converter
Decisively participation in developments for Airbus A400M A350 A380 and global
G7000 introduction of sensorless drives in aviation

My hobby has become a vocation.
Already as a teenager I built amplifiers and during the last 40 years I developed
into a specialist in power electronics.
It was and it is still my passion!

Sabine Lagemann

Assembly is my passion
Specialist in electronics manufacturing, including logistics and order fulfillment

Unser Qualitätsmanagementsystem entspricht in allen Punkten der ISO9100 (Zertifizierung läuft)


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